My Very Own Fairy Stories Book by Johnny Gruelle

My Very Own Fairy Stories Book by Johnny Gruelle
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My Very Own Fairy Stories Book by Johnny Gruelle
This delicately lovely book was first published in 1917 by the P.F. Volland Company of Chicago, but has been out of print for over 40 years, according to the Gruelle family. Decorating all pages are whimsical, jewel-like, full-color illustrations--among the most memorable examples of the “Sunbonnet” period of children’s book illustrations of the period from 1905-1920.

Hardcover, 100 pages

Printing February 2000

Story Titles:
1. The Cheery Cricket
2. The Kind Hearted Ginger Bread Man
3. The Ugly Caterpillar
4. Jimmy Crow and the Owls
5. The Good Finger Fairies
6. Granny Hawkins
7. The Rubbery Dubbery Smiles
8. Uncle Clem
9. The Happy Story
10. The Quarrel of the Winds
11. The Mole Hill at Menemshia Creek
12. The Discontented King

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