Teddy Bears Postcard Book - Johnny Gruelle, Quacky Doodle, Danny Daddles

Teddy Bears Postcard Book - Johnny Gruelle, Quacky Doodle, Danny Daddles

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Teddy Bears Postcard Book - Johnny Gruelle, Quacky Doodle, Danny Daddles

The Teddy Bear has come to stay, so perfectly is his grizzled exterior adapted to fitting in to the many chubby arms which extend to him. He is not only bear-like enough to lift him above juvenile criticism but he is possessed of those semi human attributes which fit him eminently for youthful companionship. He is every inch a bear and yet he certainly embodies exactly the doll qualities which are demanded by the children of today. He is well-made and set up. His head really turns round and his legs are nicely adjustable. He has moreover that precious gift of true adaptability; he can be made to crawl, climb, stand or sit and in each pose he is not only delightfully himself but he also suggests to the imaginative owner whatever special being his fancy would have his teddy personify.
Caroline Tickner, 1907

The teddy bear is, for many of us, the quintessential childhood toy. He (or she) sits in wagons, attends tea parties, loves to listen to stories, rides on the backs of tricycles, stands guard, and, best of all, loves to tuck into bed with their little masters and mistresses. They are enough like we humans to be loved as we love our family and friends, and yet different enough to be funny and lovable. Needless to say, they are favorite characters in children's picture books. We offer thirty of our favorite teddy bear illustrations. Among the included illustrators are:

- Johnny Gruelle - from Quacky Doodles' and Danny Daddles' Book, 1916
- Susan Beatrice Pearse - from The Sunny Day Story Book
- Jessie Willcox Smith - from The Now-A-Days Fairy Book, 1911
- Alexandra Day - from a calendar illustration, 1985
- J.R. Sinclair - from The Teddy Bearocar, 1910
- Grace P. Smith - from We Three: A Primer, 1929
- Margaret Landers Sanford - from The Teddy Bear A.B.C., 1907
- Ida Bohatta-Morpurgo - from Hilde Will Helfen, 1928
- Alice M. Cook - from Blackie's Children's Annual, 1911
- Zabeth Selover - from Citizenship Readers: Home, 1930
- A. Gladys Peck & Eleanor Osborn Eadie - from Pleasant Lands, 1936
- Joyce L. Brisley - from The Teddy Bear's Shop, 1939
- Victor Anderson - from a magazine illustration, 1924
- Alexi Jawlensky - from Die Barenfamilie, 1926
- Unknown - from The Little Would Nots, 1922
- Silvia Koller - from A Still Life with A Teddy Bear
- Cicely Steed - from The Wonder A.B.C. Book, c. 1950
- Roy Best - from My Rhyme and Picture Book, 1930
- Lawson Wood - from A Box of Crackers, 1916
- Maud & Miska Petersham - from The Easy Book, 1926
- Honor C. Appleton - from Josephine Goes Shopping, 1926
- Gabriel Emile Edouard Nicolet - from Restful Company
- Albertine Randall Wheelan - from a book illustration
- Edna Potter - from Lost and Found, 1955
- Dorothy Sherrill - from The Story of a Little White Teddy Bear Who Didn't Want To Go To Bed, 1931
- Amy Hoffmann - from Mein Grosses Teddy-Buch, 1961
- F. Schenkel - from Was Drei Kleine Baren Im Walde Erlebten, 1923
- Ellan - from Tenderness with a Hint of Irony - The Animal and his Double, 1920



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