Raggedy Ann's Lucky Pennies Book (reissue of original)

Raggedy Ann's Lucky Pennies Book   (reissue of original)
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by Johnny Gruelle

Hardcover, 96 pages, 9" x 6"

When Raggedy Ann and Andy pick a lucky penny from the Lucky Penny Tree, they have no idea that it will lead them to all sorts of new friends and adventures! Right after they meet a prince who has lost his memory, they are captured by the wicked King Growch, who locks them up in his prison coop. They escape thanks to Lovey Lou and Ponko the puppy dog, and soon learn that there is a mystery at the King's castle -- and a missing prince. With the help of two nice witches, lots of wonderful friends, and their own wishing magic, the Raggedys do their very best to solve the mystery and restore happiness to the whole kingdom.

Enter the world of Raggedy Ann and Andy and delight in their whimsical escapades as they share their kindness and cheer with one and all. Raggedy Ann's Lucky Pennies is one of the most charming Raggedy Ann storybooks. First published in 1932, it has now been restored to its original condition with spectacular full-color artwork. Readers will want to follow this tale to the end again and again.

1. The Lost Prince
2. The Prison Coop
3. The Wickedy Witch
4. The Other Witch
5. Magical Gifts for King Growch
6. Adventures on Swordback
7. The Happy Ending

Characters include Noodles the Donkey, the lost Prince, King Growch, Lovey Lou, Ponko the Puppy Dog, Skimpy, Winnie-the-Witch, Wanda-the-Witch, Snarlyboodle, Jack the Giant Killer, Boliver, Sylvia, Prince Donald, and Prince Bonnie.

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