Raggedy Ann in Cookie Land Book (reissue of original)

Raggedy Ann in Cookie Land Book  (reissue of original)
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Raggedy Ann in Cookie Land
by Johnny Gruelle

Reading level: Ages 4-8
Hardback, reinforced binding, 96 pages
Dimensions:9 1/4" x 6 1/3"

When Raggedy Ann and Andy fall down a deep hole, they find themselves in a magical world called Cookie Land. There they meet Little Weakie, Hookie-the-Goblin, and Mr. and Mrs. Cookie and their two cookie children. It's the Cookie family who award bravery medals to the Raggedys after they save them from one of Hookie's sneak attacks. Then Hookie brings along his friend the Snitznoodle to help him capture the Raggedys, but Snitznoodles don't mess with dolls wearing bravery medals, no siree. Don't worry, though, the Raggedys find a way to make everyone friends and as always, it's a Raggedy-good time in Cookie Land.

Delight in the scrumptious adventures of the ever-lovable Raggedys in another of Johnny Gruelle's wondrous storybooks. Full of funny, curious, and "kookie" creatures, this delectable Raggedy Ann classic will have readers chuckling with every turning page. First published in 1931 and restored to its original condition, Raggedy Ann in Cookie Land, now back in print, is a treat for all ages.

Cookie Land Raggedy Ann doll featured in book available under doll section.

1. The Ice Grotto
2. Noodle Soup and Cookies
3. The Cookie People
4. Hookie-the-Goblin's Revenge
5. Snitznoodle to the Rescue
6. A Queer Snowstorm
7. Where is the Snitznoodle
8. The Thumps on the Door
9. An Upsetting Time
10. The Last of the Goblin's Tricks

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