The Real-For-Sure Story of Raggedy Ann

The Real-For-Sure Story of Raggedy Ann

Product Description

By Patricia Hall, Joni Gruelle Wannamaker (Illustrator)
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published: February 2001
Dimensions: 11 1/3" x 8 3/4"

What's so special about a rag doll with shoe-button eyes, yarn hair, and a candy heart? For one little girl named Marcella, the answer is simple: her daddy, Johnny Gruelle, made her from an old doll that had belonged to her grandfather.

This is the story of how Raggedy Ann actually came to be, from scraps in a sewing basket to a cherished doll that has delighted people across the world for over eighty-five years.

Though he had a hunch, Johnny Gruelle didn't know what to expect or whether the buying public would really take to hand-crafted rag dolls. As it turned out, however, Raggedy Ann her brother, Raggedy Andy, and the countless books, songs, and toys featuring them were the perfect diversions for a public weary from World War I. They continue to be a source of joy for young people, collectors, and fans worldwide.

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