Raggedy Family Tree Book by Susan Ann Garrison

Raggedy Family Tree Book by Susan Ann Garrison

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Raggedy Family Tree Book by Susan Ann Garrison
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Hardback, 208 pages, copyright 2003.

Completely "new" detailed and informative reference guide will be an asset to any collector. Individual value ranges under each of the 550+ full-color photos, as well as price guides by company and condition, books, music, accessories, etc. are included.

Sections include:
- P.F. Volland Company, 1920-34
- Exposition Toy and Doll Company
- American Toy & Novelty Company
- Molly'es Doll Outfitters, 1935-38
- Georgene Novelties, 1938-62
- Intentional Fakes
- Handmades
- Knickerbocker Toy Company
- Applause Toy Company
- Japanese Companies
- Hasbro / Playskool
- Books
- Music
- Accessories
- Christmas Ornaments

Susan Ann Garrison describes herself as a multi-faceted "free spirit" who feels that one's individuality can be a great asset.

After teaching instrumental and vocal music in the Philadelphia school system for many years, she retired in order to devote time to other interests of composing, writing, and antiquing.

She began collecting Raggedys about twenty years ago, when one smiley-faced Annie caught her eye at a local antique market. Of course, then Ann needed a brother, then an older sister, and so on, until the "family" grew to several hundred dolls.

At that time there was very little factual information on the dolls. Communication with the Gruelle family assured a historical accurate foundation for any future information and study.

The Raggedy Ann and Andy Family Album by the same author was the first collectors' guide to organize the Raggedy history.

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