Raggedy Ann & Andy Family Album 4th Edition Guide Book by Susan Ann Garrison

Raggedy Ann & Andy Family Album 4th Edition Guide Book by Susan Ann Garrison
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The Raggedy Ann & Andy Family Album: A Guide for Collectors by Susan Ann Garrison

Revised Price Guide: 2004

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy are among the best loved and most long-lived dolls still available today. The original Raggedy Ann dolls were created in 1918 by Johnny Gruelle in response to requests from readers of his very popular Raggedy Ann series of books. Later their design was licensed to various manufacturers who produced not only the dolls, but toys, books, games, puzzles, and many other items. Millions of people loved these soft and charming rag dolls as children, and seek them again as adults with nostalgic thoughts of less demanding times. This informative collector's guide features hundreds of these endearing dolls of all different ages, as well as many other Raggedy Ann and Andy items. This new fourth edition provides fascinating insight into the companies who made the dolls, helpful advice on collecting and caring for them, and up-to-date pricing information to guide collectors through the marketplace.

P.F. Volland Co. 1920-1934
Mollye's Doll Outfitters 1935-1938
Georgene Novelties Co., Inc. 1938-1962
- Awake-Asleep
- Beloved Belindy
Knickerbocker Toy Co. 1963-1982
Applause Co. and Hasbro Co. 1983-Present
Story Books
Associated Items
Keeping a Collection
Price Guide

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