More Enchanting Friends ...
Storybook Characters, Toys, and Keepsakes Book by Dee Hockenberry

More Enchanting Friends ...<br>Storybook Characters, Toys, and Keepsakes Book by Dee Hockenberry

Product Description

More Enchanting Friends ...<br>Storybook Characters, Toys, and Keepsakes Book by Dee Hockenberry
Hardcover: 224 pages

Dee Hockenberry brings home some of the world's favorite storybook characters and cuddle partners in a pictorial review of teddy bears and dolls. Enjoy Raggedy Ann and Andy, Beatrix Potter's delightful creatures, the Golliwog, all the absurd characters from Alice in Wonderland, and Winnie-the-Pooh and his adventurous pals. Explore the bear's evolution since first made famous, and welcomed indoors, by Teddy Roosevelt. Punkinhead, Paddington, and storybook characters like The Three Bears and The Busy Bears are pictured and described. A collectors guide, this book provides current values for memorabilia about these lovable characters in their many incarnations.

Chapter I: Alice and Lewis Carroll's Wonderland
Chapter II: The Magic of Raggedy Ann
Chapter III: Hand in Hand with Winnie-the-Pooh
Chapter IV: The Friends of Beatrix Potter
Chapter V: Teddy Roosevelt, Seymour Eaton, and the Roosevelt Bears
Chapter VI: By Golly
Chapter VII: The Bear Facts
- The Three Bears
- Punkinhead
- Paddington
- The Busy Bears

About the Author
Dee Hockenberry lives in a small town in western New York with her husband, Tom, who photographs all her works. She has authored several other collectible books and regularly contributes to three teddy bear magazines. She is recognized internationally as a bear and Steiff animal historian and is a partner in a mail-order business selling vintage teddies, animals, and other antique accessories.

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