Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy Stories Book

Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy Stories Book
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Includes Raggedy Ann Stories and Raggedy Andy Stories

Raggedy Ann Stories

Written and Illustrated by Johnny Gruelle

Raggedy Ann has been entertaining and charming young readers ever since the first book created by Johnny Gruelle in 1918 chonicled the adventures of the mischievous rag doll and her delightful toy friends. Gruelle's inspiration was a real doll -- a doll made for his mother by his grandmother and then much loved by his daugther Marcella. Raggedy Ann Stories, Gruelle's first collection of tales, was soon followed by books that introduced Raggedy Andy and the fairland called the Deep, Deep Woods.

Johnny Gruelle was a gifted cartoonist who drew comic strips for the newspapers, and the Raggedy Ann books feature some of the most colorful and whimsical art ever to illustrate children's books. In this edition of The Raggedy Ann Stories, which contains the best original tales and artwork, you'll meet the rag doll's toy friends, as well as Fido the dog and Marcella, the little girl in whose house there is a special room where Raggedy Ann and all the other dolls live. Often, by the end of the story, after an exciting adventure or, perhaps, a wonderful journey, Raggedy Ann and her friends have learned a small but valuable lesson of life.

From the days of her discovery by the real Marcella, the little rag doll with red-yarn hair has inpired timeless tales and colorful pictures and has stirred the imaginations of millions of young readers all over the world.

Includes the following stories:
Raggedy Ann Learns a Lesson
Raggedy Ann and the Washing
Raggedy Ann and the Kite
Raggedy Ann Rescues Fido
Raggedy Ann and the Painter
Raggedy Ann's Trip on the River
Raggedy Ann and the Strange Dolls
Raggedy Ann and the Kittens
Raggedy Ann and the Fairies' Gift
Raggedy Ann and the Chickens
Raggedy Ann and the Mouse
Raggedy Ann's New Sisters

Raggedy Andy Stories

Written and Illustrated by Johnny Gruelle

In 1920 Gruelle brought out Raggedy Andy Stories. Gruelle called his rag-doll boy "the little rag brother of Raggedy Ann." In this Derrydale book of the best stories and art from the first edition, Raggedy Andy is introduced to all the other dolls in Marcella's nursery for the first time, and adventure after adventure follows. All of the favorite doll characters from Raggedy Ann Stories are here: the French doll, Uncle Clem, Henny the Dutch doll, as well as Marcella's mischievous dog Fido. As a special treat, the denizens of the nursery are visited by such childhood celebrities as Santa Claus and the Easter bunny.

Includes the following stories:
How Raggedy Andy Came
The Nursery Dance
The Spinning Wheel
The Taffy Pull
The Rabbit Chase
The New Tin Gutter
Doctor Raggedy Andy
Raggedy Andy's Smile
The Wooden Horse
Making "Angels" in the Snow
The Singing Shell



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