Raggedy Ann & Andy Day at the Fair Book - 2015

Raggedy Ann & Andy Day at the Fair Book - 2015
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Product Description

Play along as Raggedy Ann and her brother Andy create their very own fair in this charming Level 3 Ready-to-Read storybook.

When Raggedy Ann and Andy’s owner, Marcella, takes a trip to the fair, Raggedy Ann and Andy decide to create their own fair at home so the other dolls don’t feel left out! They have a great time riding down slides and playing carnival games—until Raggedy Andy falls out of the window into the garden below! Can Raggedy Ann come up with a plan to rescue her brother?

Celebrate 100 years of Raggedy Ann and Andy with this timeless adventure!

While Marcella is at the fair, Raggedy Ann and the other dolls create a fair of their own in her room and almost get into trouble.

Marcella is off for a day at the fair. She tells Raggedy Ann and Andy that they must stay home. After she is gone, the dolls have a series of wild adventures in Marcella's room and outside the house. When Marcella arrives home, she relates the story of her day at the fair, which parallels that of the dolls. This would be appropriate for those kids that still enjoy thinking that their dolls have secret lives.

ISBN-13: 9781481450737
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
Publication date: 10/6/2015
Pages: 32
Age range: 6 - 8 Years

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