Raggedy Ann & Andy School Day Adventure Book - 2015

Raggedy Ann & Andy School Day Adventure Book - 2015

Product Description

Raggedy Ann and Andy are thrilled to learn they'll be spending the day with Marcella at her school. But when the dolls take a ride through the hallways with their new friend Mac the truck, they get lost. Will the dolls be able to find their way back in time before the children return from lunch?

When Marcella takes Raggedy Ann and Andy to school for show-and-tell, they meet some other interesting characters, including Mac the truck and Petunia the guinea pig.

It is show-and-tell day at Marcella's school. Classmates eagerly present their special objects, including a guinea pig and a toy truck. Marcella has brought two of her favorite friends, Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. She points out Andy's flexibility and Ann's candy heart that says "I Love You." Next, Ms. Kelly has the children put on their "thinking caps" to brainstorm words which start with the letter K. Students are excited about their introduction to the new world of learning. When they take a lunch break, we get to see yet another new world—the world that comes to life when no human is looking! A rustle from Marcella's cubby reveals two friendly—and very much alive—rag dolls. The guinea pig, goldfish and stuffed animals get better acquainted, until the truck offers to take Ann and Andy for a ride. Their adventure through the long school hallways almost ends in disaster when the explorers lose their way. Luckily, Andy remembers his thinking cap and words that start with K, like Ms. Kelly. By studying the classroom doors, the dolls find their way back to the cozy cubby just in time for the children to return. This is a great book for representing the great big world of school as more inviting to kindergartners.

ISBN-13: 9781481450898
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
Publication date: 10/6/2015
Pages: 32
Age range: 6 - 8 Years

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