Raggedy Ann in the Deep Deep Woods Book (reissue of original) **See below for ONLY ONE available** HTF

Raggedy Ann in the Deep Deep Woods Book  (reissue of original)     **See below for ONLY ONE available**  HTF

Product Description

Like brand new, with very minimal imperfections to dust jacket seen in glare of light.

By Johnny Gruelle

Reproduction of the 1930's classic!

95 pages with great color illustrations

It's a wonderful day in the deep, deep woods -- and full of surprises too! Join Raggedy Ann and Andy as they frolic with their woodland friends and use their magical wishing pebble to make everyone's dreams come true. The Raggedys grant one wish after another -- from a magical lollipop tree to ice-cream parties for one and all. They even help old Doctor Lewellen Stork make a very special delivery of four weeny, teeny baby chipmunks to the chipmunk family. But the excitement isn't over just yet. When Raggedy Ann and Andy stumble upon a fairy ring, they learn about the most precious wish of all.

Rejoice in the world of the kindhearted Raggedys as they wander through the enchanting land of the deep, deep woods. Full of magical creatures and magical wishes, this whimsical tale has delighted readers for many years. First published in 1930 and restored to its original condition with magnificent full-color artwork, Raggedy Ann in the Deep Deep Woods has been one of the all-time Raggedy Ann favorites. Fans will be certain this timeless treasure is a wish come true.

The book contains the following stories:
1. A Wishing Pebble Picnic
2. The Fairy Ring
3. Flying with the Squirrels
4. The Hootieowl Party
5. The Frowningest Frown
6. Two Soft Brown Eyes
7. The Feast for Woodpeckers
8. Tenny, Weeny Elf Gives Some Directions
9. The Little Dwarf Tells a Story
10. Benny Bunny
11. Queer Kitties
12. A Surprise for the Bunny Family
13. Hurrying a Turtle
14. Pickledilly’s Face
15. The Rescue of Cousin Screechyowl
16. Who’s Got the Buttonhole?
17. Raggedy Andy Gets Caught
18. Bears – and Bees – and Bunnies
19. Doctor Lewellen Stork
20. The Teeny, Weeny House
21. The Fairy Wish

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